07.06.2021, 12:06

SMARTconverter 3 for CAF's regional multiple units

Repeat order for vehicles of the manufacturer CAF: Dinghan SMART Railway Technology GmbH delivers eight SMARTconverter 3. The auxiliary power converters will be used in regional multiple units of the Spanish...   mehr

26.05.2021, 13:53

Continuity in IRIS certification

As in previous years, Dinghan SMART Railway Technology GmbH successfully passed the re-certification audit of the national standard ISO/TS 22163 (IRIS) in 2021. The auditors from Bureau Veritas confirmed the...   mehr

16.04.2021, 12:40

Continuity in spare parts supply for service life extensions

Retrofit, refurbishment or overhaul: the names for the maintenance of rail vehicles are many and varied. Often the overriding goal of these measures is to extend the service life by replacing components....   mehr

08.04.2021, 11:22

Alstom orders additional SMARTconverter 3 for Metro Barcelona

Advantage sustainability: Alstom ordered a further 16 SMARTconverters 3 of the 140 kVA + 20 KW power class for Metropolis trains. The SMARTconverters 3 will be used in Metro Barcelona’s new vehicles on lines 1...   mehr

31.03.2021, 11:43

On the cutting edge: RAILFOCUS 20

More than ever, products must satisfy demands for longevity and eco-friendliness as well as cost savings. In particular in the field of rail-based mobility, this thinking is becoming dominant at all levels....   mehr

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